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Sennheiser PC 26 Call-Control USB Headset (504521)

£35.00 exc. VAT
£42.00 inc. VAT
RRP £38.29 exc. VAT


The PC 26 is a single-sided starter headset with superior sound, providing great value for money.
It's the perfect headset for voice recognition, internet telephony and all VoIP applications.
The stylish design and comfortable fit make it an ideal choice for office and home use.

Key Features

- Built-in USB sound card provides superior acoustics
- Adjustable and pivotable microphone boom makes correct microphone positioning easy and speech clearer
- The noise-cancelling microphone allows for excellent speech clarity and voice recognition by filtering out background noise
- The simple plug'n'play solution enables effortless connection to PC or laptop
- 2-year guarantee