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BT Elements Waterproof DECT Cordless Telephone

£59.99 exc. VAT
£71.99 inc. VAT
RRP £71.99 exc. VAT


The remarkable BT Elements DECT is weatherproof to IP54 levels. It has a torch, so it is particulary suitable for outdoors use and has a hands free speakerphone when users are otherwise occupied.
The elements features ten polyphonic ring tones, a 50 name and number directory, kepyad lock, store for 50 SMS text messages and Auto Talk/standby function.

*The BT Elements phone claims to have a range of up to 1km (1000m). However, like all cordless phones, this range is only achieved in ideal conditions. This means that there should be an uninterrupted line of sight between the base unit and handset. However, in the real world, we have structures such as walls, windows, steels and doors. Also out side we have structures such as trees, cars and buildings which will always reduce the range that is achievable.

Therefore, our advice is to expect the effective range to be 30% of the stated range. So in this case you could expect a range of approximately 300 meters. Wherever possible, try and site the base unit on the first floor or higher ,as this will significantly increase the range between handset and base.

Key Features

- Range: 1km from base
- PABX access Code
- Weatherproof to IP54
- Torch
- Hands free speakerphone
- Polyphonic ring tones 10
- SMS message store 50
- Name and number directory 50
- Keypad lock
- Auto Talk/standby