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ReTell 175 Telephone Recorder

£899.00 exc. VAT
£1,078.80 inc. VAT


Stores calls on standard writable CDs. Recording is compressed to allow upto 175 hours to be stored on each CD. Included software allows calls to replayed on a PC and even forwarded as an attachment. Includes built-in flash memory for 5 hours of call storage until a blank CD has been loaded.

Key Features

- 175 hours call storage per CD
- 5 hours flash capacity (backup recording until CD changed)
- Uses CD-R and CD-RW media
- Automatic recording of all calls including handsfree
- Answer machine with one user programmable out going message
- Out going message can be 4 hours long, In coming recording time of up to 60 minutes
- 500 name and number address book
- Handsfree function and optional headset operation
- Stores details of CLI (if feature is enabled on the telephone line), date, time and duration of call
- CDs can be played back via the telephones speaker or on a PC (software included)
- Calls can attached to emails from CDs (dependant on CODEC)
- No installation needed, works on ordinary BT or cable telephone lines, and most analogue PBXs
- Blank CD-R, telephone cable, power supply and instructions included