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Plantronics Savi W745 3-in-1 Convertable Wireless Headset (86507-02)

£227.30 exc. VAT
£272.76 inc. VAT
RRP £294.50 exc. VAT


This W745 model headset comes with a 'convertible' (3-in-1) headset, meaning you have mutiple wearing options. The base system itself can connect to a veariety of devices (computer, telehone, and bluetooth enabled mobile phones), so you can stay connected to all of your Life-Gadgets!
Up to 350 feet of wireless range from the base (30 feet with Bluetooth connection to mobile phone). With it's 'Hot-Swappable' battery capability, you could use this unit 24 hours a day.

Key Features

- Unlimited talk time with hot swappable battery and charger
- Multi-device support: PC, desk and Bluetooth enabled mobile phone
- Easily switch between and mix audio across devices
- Wideband audio support for desk phone and PC
- Intelligently reconnect to mobile phone when in range
- New convertible headset (3-in-1)- Includes three customizable wearing styles
- Lightest DECT 6.0 headset in the market (21 grams)
- Elegant magnetic docking and instant mute
- Power in the base
- Synchronized call presence across all three connected devices
- Automatically pair a new headset simply by docking it into the base