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BT Diverse 7450 Plus Cordless DECT Telephone With Answering Machine

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The BT Diverse 7450 Plus is one of the top of the range model cordless telephone that has a built in digital answering machine. In total up to 5 handsets can be registered.

Packed full of features, the Diverse 7450 Plus is similar to the Diverse 7410 Plus, but with the addition of a digital answer machine.

With BT's usual high specification level, stylish good looks and design, the 7450 Plus is ideal as a home or office phone. Using a digital signal between handset and base the BT Diverse 7450 Plus cordless phone supplies an excellent level of audio quality too.

In total up to 5 additional cordless handsets can be registered to the BT Diverse 7450 Plus to extend your phone system, these can then be located anywhere within your home or office.
The usual range for additional handsets indoors is around 50m and the compatible handsets are the BT Diverse 7400 Plus and the Robust 7200 models.

Built into the cordless BT Diverse 7450 Plus handset is a 200 name and number directory which can be copied from one handset to another to save time when adding additional handsets.
If you have a lot of phone numbers stored on your mobile phone; the base of the BT Diverse 7450 Plus also has a SIM card reader to copy and save them to the phone.

Another great feature of the BT Diverse 7450 Plus cordless phone is the built in digital answering machine, with a total recording time of up to 27 minutes. The playback functions on the BT Diverse 7450 Plus are very easy to use and straight forward. A large LED at the top of the base will tell you how many messages have been left meaning you can easily see when you have a message.

As well as having a handsfree speaker the BT Diverse 7450 Plus cordless phone also has a 2.5mm headset socket for added convenience.

The BT Diverse 7450 Plus is caller ID compatible which means if it is connected to a line with caller display activated it will show the incoming number so you can see who's calling.

The BT Diverse 7450 Plus really does live up to expectations, feature packed and built to last!

Key Features

- Conference Call
- Call Transfer
- Internal Calls
- Backlit LCD
- Standard / Polyphonic Ring Tones
- Base Ringer
- Handsfree
- Headset Socket 2.5mm
- Auto Answer
- Mute
- Handset Naming
- Keylock
- 200 Name & Number Directory
- Clock / Alarm / Calender
- Call Display
- 27 Minute Answering Machine
- SIM card reader
- BT Repeater compatibility

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