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ReTell 703N Telephone Recorder

£205.99 exc. VAT
£247.19 inc. VAT
RRP £215.99 exc. VAT


Key Features

- Includes the Intelligent Recording Interface, a UK breakthrough in call recording technology
- Offers the best audio quality of any telephone connector in the world
- Compatible with all handsets or headsets that unplug from the base of the phone with the RJ9 plug
- Automatic voice activated (VOX) or manual recording
- 2 speeds to increase recording capacity to 6 hours on a C120 cassette
- Easy to find your place on the tape with the recorder's 3 digit tape counter
- Uninterrupted recording of 3hours at slow speed
- Ideal for telephone training & recording important calls and instructions
- Telephone cassette recorder designed specifically by Retell for the recording of telephone calls. Special 3 position switch to adjust for best sound recording from the telephone
- Play back recordings made at normal speed in other players and the car
- Comes with Retell's own C120 cassette tape which at 120 minutes gives you the longest recording time available per side
- Records dictated notes & meetings
- Perfect for phone call monitoring
- Stereo socket so that with headphones (optional extra part 216) you can listen in live without recording