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Go2 Telecom is a leading provider of Call Recording equipment. Whether you want to record individual calls for training purposes or if you want to record numerous extensions Go2 Telecom have the solution.

Many companies today have a legal requirement to record all call and as consumers purchase many items over the phone it enables the supplier to confirm with the customer the terms and conditions.

Solicitors do use recording to hold important pre court hearing calls, which can be later required as agreements made by both parties and sometime judges. This can save time and money being able to track exactly what was said and by whom.

Insurance companies use call recording as part of everyday business as it is very important to be able to go over conversations and things the client may have said to either make a claim or new application.

Some companies also use call recording to help manage staff to oversee that staff are giving correct company information and retaining quality of the calls. This can help to identify training issues or breach of working practises.

We carry a range of call recording products large or small connecting to your phones or via PC and even direct onto the telecom system or via the server. Recordings can be stored onto disc or directly onto the server so if you let us know what type of recording you are looking for and the coverage of usage so we can best advise on the correct solution.

Many recoding application can be used in conjunction with your telephone system helping you to easily install and manage. Retell 957 Advanced Call recording software.

The Retell 703N is a tape solution that is best suited to recording calls occasionally. Whatever your need Go2 Telecom can find a solution

ReTell 156 Optional Handset Connector

ReTell 156 Optional Handset Connector

£18.50 exc. VAT £21.28 inc. VAT RRP £19.99 exc. VAT

ReTell 175 Telephone Recorder

ReTell 175 Telephone Recorder

£899.00 exc. VAT £1,033.85 inc. VAT